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Talent Acquisition And Work Force Management

Our RPO solutions are customized to meet each client’s culture and specific business needs. We avoid cookie-cutter approaches that force clients into operating models that may or may not be in their best business interest.

For many reasons, RPO solutions are not always the best way forward. We have developed methodologies to help clients determine when RPO makes good business sense and when an alternative solution is more appropriate.

When done right, RPO solutions can deliver significant business value, reduced operating costs and improved quality of hire.

  • Support throughout the entire talent acquisition lifecycle from intake to onboarding
  • Our 8 stage SPMTM methodology can integrate with your organization’s current process

Why choose a RPO Model?

  • Improves the quality of hires and candidates
  • Reduces time to recruit
  • Creates a scalable recruiting platform
  • Enhances Diversity Recruiting
  • Increases process efficiencies to enhance delivery
  • Companies can focus on core activities
  • Develops employer brand by following best practice
  • Converts fixed cost into variable and transactional cost
  • Allows EEO compliance tracking