Recession Proof Technologies

(Tips and Techniques For Current Stint At Job)

While we are entering into the digital convergence arena. The software industry is touching the next level of maturity. Gone are the days when IT companies were picking chunk of the resources from any institute, irrespective of their technical streams by just evaluating them on the basis of their aptitude.

Future lies in the hands of product development companies. These are the hearts of IT industry; those are investing hefty money every year to produce some new innovations to serve the society. It is becoming more important to diversify our intellectual resources in different technical areas where we can avail them as per their technical strengths and not because of just their aptitude.

This is the right time to make us aware about the new technologies entering into the software world so that our education industry could be in sync with the future requirements. This is our responsibility to make our students aware about all the possible dimensions of the software industry

There is a huge misbalance between the requirements and the available resources for different technologies.

There are technologies where the resources are available in many folds as compared to the number of requirements while in other side there are technologies where we don’t get even the required number of candidates. As market works by the rule of demand and supply. This misbalance creates a big difference in the growth and the offered salary to a fresher.

Ideally there should not be a big variation in the salary structure for a fresher for different technologies of the same stream. We will be discussing these aspects and their reasons in detail for the stream of Computer Science and Engineering.

This is a techno-managerial workshop where one side we will have a detail overview of the latest upcoming technologies and innovations. We will also see the patent trends of IT industry.

While other side, we will focus on the employment trends of the IT industry of last 5 years. We will through some light on the behavior of different IT MNCs and their expectations from the Indian resources.

This workshop will give a clear vision to all the attendees so that they can use this knowledge while producing the resources for the Indian IT industry.

Atharva Kumar
Atharva Kumar
Atharva Kumar

Who should attend it ?
  • The person should be on a leading position in the education industry. He/She should be a part of the governing body or head of any of the following departments of the Institute. Computer Science / MCA./ECE/IT Deptt)
  • Only two entries from an Institute will be allowed.

After completion of this workshop, the participants will receive a thorough understanding of all the latest trends of the IT industry, the upcoming tools & technologies used in software industry and the prospective employment trends in coming years,

Workshop’s Contents

– New Revolutions and Innovations.

– Hidden Facts of Wireless Communications.

– Current trend in niche technologies.

– Security, Is really a matter of Concern?

– Software, Is it a commodity?

– Open Source, Where is the money?

– Impact of Telecom Evolution on Software Industry.

– Employment Scenario of IT Companies of Last 5 Years.

– Prospective Variation in the Employments.

– Growth of an IT Professional (Last 5 years Vs Coming 5 Years).

– Product Vs ITES Companies.

– Who will be the winner?

Quotes of the Previous Seminars:

“Great work, I learnt a lot about the niche areas, looking forward for the next presentation.”

Vishwanath Vajpayejuela , Project Manager, Infineon, Banagalore

“I am amazed with the way of presenting such internal things with so ease and interesting way; these are mandatory information’s for anybody related to the IT industry”

Sushim Shrivastav, Program Manager, Qualcom, Hyderabad.

“Great research indeed, had given me complete awareness about the current research happenings, many thanks to the trainer

Ashwani Thakur, Project Manager, Siemens, Pune, India.

“I am now more aware about the employment trends; it would help me to pick up the right technologies so that I can make my future more secure”,

Neeraj Sahu, Senior Software Engineer, Samsung, Noida

“This workshop has really surprised me with few of the hidden facts of IT world. I am thrilled with the new innovation and revolutions. I really learnt a lot, it would definitely give me an insight to improve my guidelines to the students”