Transform the workforce for better business performance

Transform the workforce for better business performance – Miracle

One unified cloud platform to improve performance, and manage people

The Miracle Learning platform empowers your practice to Educate your employee; Communicate more consistently and effectively; and ultimately, Optimize the way you operate your sales/ operations .

Benchmark & Measure Performance

Identify top performers and those in need of training development, all from one comprehensive view of your sales and service organization.

Just-in-time Training for Employees, Customers, and Partners

Deploy high-powered training and onboarding programs for sales and service teams and partners and customers. Target specific content and courses based on opportunity records.

Accelerate Productivity

Increase user adoption and accelerate productivity by delivering targeted learning without leaving the Salesforce application.


Flexible Learning

Flexible Learning

Miracle’s eLearning platform allows for 24/7 access to courses and content. Materials can be accessed from anywhere learners have Internet access, giving them the freedom to learn on their own time.

Mobile Compatibility

Mobile Compatibility

Miracle offers mobile eLearning, making learning-on-the-go easier. Mobile eLearning is considered a complementary aspect of the learning process, providing greater flexibility for learners to access course materials on any mobile device.



Miracle’s can be translated in over 100 languages, making it inclusive for learners across the globe. This allows you to offer your courses in as many languages as you choose.

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Miracle LMS can be translated in over 100 languages, making it inclusive for learners across the globe. This allows you to offer your courses in as many languages as you choose.









Media & Entertainment


Partner Management


With Miracle for Associations, you can

  1. Attract new audiences by appealing to the new generation of tech-savvy members -  leverage social collaboration, mobile learning, and ‘a la carte’ training for this
  2. Minimize the impact on administrative and IT resources - use a scalable, SaaS-based solutions with streamlined administration, self-registration, and certification management features to do so
  3. Go beyond membership dues - generate new sources of revenue and monetize a growing demand for additional content, training, and certification
  4. Apply insightful reporting and analytics to better understand and identify member behavior and support your organization's strategic mission

With Miracle for Business Services you can

  1. Deliver skills and compliance training to all employees from a single, unified platform -- at a fraction of the cost of conventional training
  2. Know whether training initiatives are working by tying them to employee performance and company profit
  3. Develop diverse, engaged talent communities to enable consistent and meaningful collaboration
  4. Align individual employee goals with company objectives to ensure consistent, unified vision and purpose across your organization

1. Education ( Training Industry/College/Universites/K12)

Take education higher

Miracle allows you to manage and monitor all institutional activities. It provides a space for collaboration and communication between you and your faculty, and between your faculty and your students.
At the same time, Miracle provides innovative education opportunities for the future, like online learning, or flexible learning options.

Features - Digital Learning Environment

Our simple and powerful digital learning environment enables the delivery of a personalized learning experience, increases student engagement, and boosts teacher productivity.

Virtual Classroom

Our award-winning virtual classroom solution was built for learning and powers both synchronous digital collaboration and flipped learning.


Districts need to provide digital content that is accessible to all students and community members. Our digital accessibility tools help you create learning materials and website content that’s inclusive for all.

School & District Websites

Our branded websites showcase responsive designs and an accessible framework that make it easy for all visitors to find what they’re looking for. Parents can even log into their own dashboard to access grades, balances, attendance, calendars, and school-specific news feeds.

Mass Notifications

Save time with our mass notifications system and COPE capabilities, or Create Once Publish Everywhere. Admins can write one message, select communication channels, and click publish to send across all communication channels simultaneously.

Branded Mobile Apps

Parent’s top request is to have school information pushed to them instead of having to search for it. Meet those expectations by sending your parents notifications and alerts and by giving them access to student specific information, calendars, and a safety Tip Line.

Social Media Management

Monitor, post, and manage all your district or school’s social media accounts from one location. The aggregate feed will help you sort through all your social activity and respond in a timely manner.

Teacher-to-Home Communication

Enable teachers to communicate with parents via text, email, and phone in a safe environment that has proper oversight from administrators. No setup for teachers or parents, just open communication.

2. Health care

Deliver more than compliance

Working with MIRACLE, healthcare organisations can take professional development beyond compliance training with agile, eLearning capabilities that will keep practitioners on the cutting edge when it comes to their application of on-the-job skills and knowledge.

  • Improve learner engagement by providing healthcare practitioners with collaborative learning and personalised learning pathways tailored to their roles.
  • Cut down learning costs by creating custom learning content and making training more efficient for busy clinical staff with digitally delivered learning modules.
  • Encourage self-led learning and transform work practices by promoting digital literacy with on-demand access to training.

3. Hospitability


Upgrade your customer service

Competition for talent, innovation in technology, and the pervasiveness of social media have all made it critical for restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality organisations to effectively train staff members and deliver a great customer experience.

With MIRACLE, you can

  • Create custom learning content to provide unique on-brand learning experiences.
  • Engage a younger workforce with video, social assessment™, and mobile learning.
  • Get new employees up to speed fast with bite-sized content that is job-relevant.

4. Retail

Upgrade Your Retail Learning Experiences

The retail industry today faces many challenges, such as high employee turnover, decentralised management, and a highly competitive market that include online competitors and changing consumer expectations. To overcome these challenges, retailers need to change their approach to training and development by embracing a more modern learning experience. MIRACLE can help.

Upgrade Your Customer Service

Highly engaged employees deliver fantastic customer service. They are also your best brand ambassadors. By using modern training methods that cater to the unique needs and experience of individual employees, you can keep them engaged and ensure you are providing customers with best-in-class service

Upgrade Your Employees

Enhance skill development by making employee learning a continuous, self-directed process whereby employees can access the content they need, when they need it.

Improve retention and promote growth by
personalizing and contextualising individual
learning paths

Deliver customised online retail training to individuals based on role

Determine how, when, and by which delivery method employees see material

Let new employees, management, and subject matter experts communicate more effectively with each other using collaboration tools

Align onboarding activities to learning objectives

Measure the success of your training and onboarding programs

5. Automotive manufacturing

Upgrade your plant and corporate office efficiencies

Safety, efficiency, and improving skills are critical for any manufacturer. Workers must learn new technologies faster and optimise the time they spend in both the plant and the corporate office.

With MIRACLE, you can

  • Learn anywhere and at any time with a mobile app and responsive design.
  • Consolidate plant-level training into one engaging, accessible system.
  • Leverage an agile/lean methodology by quickly creating and delivering training with built-in content creation tools.

6. Technology

Upgrade your ability to innovate

The technology industry is evolving at an exponential rate. Tech employees require the right training to keep their skills up to date, stay on top of product knowledge and new releases, and share subject matter expertise.

With MIRACLE, you can

  • Keep employees’ product knowledge up to date and deliver information across your entire workforce, across multiple business units, no matter where they are.
  • Promote employee engagement with online discussion groups, badges and awards, and “just-in-time” learning content.
  • Develop personalised learning paths with customised content to enable future leaders to develop the skills they need to succeed in management.

7. Partner Management System

With MIRACLE, you can

  • Provide learning opportunities that are accessible to all Partners to understand products and services .
  • Optimise performance by delivering situational sales and marketing learning experiences to keep your partner skills sharp and up to date.

8. Financial Services

Upgrade Your Financial Services Learning Experiences

The traditional financial services world is undergoing a whirlwind of change. The need to develop and retain leaders, the introduction of disruptive technologies, and changing customer expectations mean that a new, modern learning paradigm is required to maintain competitive advantage. MIRACLE can help.

Upgrade Your Customer Service

Today’s customers have rapidly changing expectations and demand a more technologically advanced and interactive experience. Your frontline employees need to be nimble if they are to provide best-in-class customer service.

Effectively onboard employees with customised content based on their roles using our learning experience platform

Create interactive customer scenarios to deliver situational learning and real-time feedback

Retain employee knowledge by delivering just-in-time training content

Keep employees captivated by using video and gamification

9. Media and entertainment

Upgrade your employees' skills

The media and entertainment industry has evolved dramatically in recent years with the evolution of streaming, new technologies, and changing consumer demands.

With MIRACLE, you can

  • Upskill your talent and drive innovation with bite-sized content that’s available to employees at the point of need.
  • Quickly onboard new employees with digital curriculums and learning pathways that deliver the right training to new hires at the right time.
  • Train future leaders by giving them the tools they need to develop necessary soft skills through Social Assessment™.

9. Government & public services

Upgrade your agency's efficiencies

Today, government and public services organisations at all levels are tasked with being more innovative, operating more efficiently, and optimising services for constituents, all while staying within budget and ahead of the curve.

With MIRACLE, you can

  • Provide learning opportunities that are accessible to all constituents.
  • Optimise performance by delivering situational learning experiences to keep your staff members’ skills sharp and up to date.
  • Train employees on new technologies and ensure institutional knowledge is captured before retirement or churn.

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