Emerging trends of AI and Chatbots In Education Technology

Automatic Essay Scoring


Providing feedback on essays is an extremely challenging task and many teachers struggle with it.  To deal with this issue, innovators have reached a solution. Today many believe there is a good chance of swapping individual feedback on essays with AI, by feeding lakhs of essays to a machine learning algorithm.


Learning Through Chatbots


Smart tutoring system is a great upshot of AI which provides a custom-made learning environment to users by analyzing their answers and the ways they approach and carry out the learning content. Likewise, chatbots with AI can turn a lecture into a series of messages to give it the appearance of a uniform chat conversation. The bot will constantly gauge the level of understanding of the user and place the subsequent part of the lecture accordingly.


Spaced Interval Learning


Reiterating previous lessons before one forgets them is a most advantageous learning mechanism – it is called ‘The Spacing Effect’.


The brainchild of a Polish innovator named, Piotr Wozniak, – a learning app built around the spacing effect can now keep track of what you learn and when you learn it. By integrating AI, the app can find out when you are about to forget information and notify you to go over it.


Enhanced Student Engagement


Instant messaging and social media are the way of life for today’s students – these platforms are what they turn to while communicating with friends, researching topics or looking for help. These tools should be used to improve the learning process and commitment of students in academics. Messaging by teachers and students to connect to the classroom, departments, alumni groups, and various activity clubs are emerging fast – making it easy for students to locate information about coursework, deadlines or any other important affairs.


Conversational Course Assessments & Student Ratings


Student evaluation of teaching-survey is about 100 years old. In spite of transitioning from paper to online, there has hardly been any development in making the feedback methods more efficient. However, with new age tech innovations like AI-driven chatbots, machine learning, and natural language processing, lots of stimulating opportunities are emerging to look at within the teacher-feedback-space.


Chatbots can accumulate opinions in the course of a conversational interface with identical advantages as a ‘real’ interview but with very little effort. The conversation can be customized depending on the responses and persona of the students; it can ask follow-up questions and discover the reasons behind outlooks. It is also possible to separate personal insults and profanity which sometimes figure in teacher ratings.


Chatbots bring numerous other advantages for teachers who want to improve their competence in teaching. By taking into consideration added data sources including self-assessment, grades, peer feedback, and the latest articles on how to teach efficiently, teachers can create a more nuanced image of teaching performance.


Efficient Teaching Assistants


All over the world students are seen to put-up ‘do my assignment requests’ on the web in order to find assistance in carrying out the assignments or clearing the doubts about the same. In the same way, today’s educators might also need support to make their hectic schedules easier. These days, bots are extensively used as virtual teaching assistants to do the routine jobs of the teachers.


Bots are often used to respond to students’ queries about course components, lesson plans, assignments, and due dates. Bots can also keep an eye on the progress of the students, provide feedback to the students, analyze the learning needs and suggest learning contents accordingly.


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