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JobsJava Training Center Delhi, Noida, NCR India by Miracle Technologies

Microsoft SQL Training Institute Noida ( Delhi NCR)

Module 1: SQL Server Architecture

a) Introduction to SQL Server 2008
-System databases , DBA Checklist
b) SQL Server Component overview
-Protocols ,Query processor , Storage engine, SQLOS
c) Pages, Extents & File groups and files
D) Memory Architecture
-32bit v 64 bit Architecture, Dynamic Memory Management, Min & Max server Memory
-Buffer Management ,AWE, Buffer pool and data cache
e) Thread and Task Architecture
-Allocation Thread to CPU, Light weight Pooling option, Thread and Fiber execution

Module 2: Installing, Upgrading, Configuration, Services & Migration

a)SQL Server Installation
-Pre-requisites , Deploying the SQL Server, Best Practices & their Case Studies
b) Upgrading the SQL Server
-Upgrading via Service pack, In-place Upgradation
c) Configuring the SQL Server
-Configuring sql server, Network protocols ,Features , DAC,Database Mail, Tempdb Configuration
d) Managing Services
-Start/Stop Services, Startup parameters, Single user mode & case Studies
e) Migrating the SQL Server

Module 3: Security, Automation & monitoring

a) Security
-Security architecture, user, logins & permissions & case Studies.
b) Automating Administrative task.
-SQL server Agent , Maintenance Plans , Best Practices
c) Monitoring SQL Server
-Log File Viewer , Activity Monitor

Module 4: Backup restores, T-log Architecture & High Availability

a) Backup restore & t-log Architecture
-Backup & restore Concepts, Point in time recovery, case studies & best Practices.
-T-log Architecture ,checkpoint & Shrinking
b) Log-shipping
-Pre-requisites & deploying log shipping, failover in log-shipping.
-Frequently raised errors in logshipping.
c) Database Mirroring
-Modes , Deploying Mirroing , Mirroing V clustering , Troubleshooting & their case studies
d) Replication
-Agent , Distributor ,Publication, Subscription, Deploying replication & case Studies
e) Clustering
-Overview, how it works , Clustering sql server 2005/2008, patching Clustered server
-Adding a node to failover cluster , renaming SQL Cluster & case studies

Module 5: Performance Tuning & indexing

a) Indexing Architecture
-Table & Index architecture , Clustered tables, Heaps & indexes
-Clustered /Non-Clustered index structure.
-Scan, Seek Operations, Index Fragmentation & how to determine it.
-Best Practices & Case studies
b) Performance Tuning
-Factors that impacts Performance & Isolation Levels
-Blocking & Deadlocks
-Profiler & Database tuning Advisor
-Interview Questions


Code Subject Duration Content                   Level
SP001 Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Administration 48 Hours
SP002 SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services(SSRS) 48 Hours
SP003 SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services 48 Hours
SP004 SQL Server DBA Trainings Content for L1 48 Hours