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Oracle is the #1 Relational Database

Gartner 2008 Worldwide RDBMS Market Share Reports 48.9% Share for Oracle (*)
Gartner has published their market share numbers by operating system for 2008 based on total software revenues. According to Gartner, Oracle
· Continues to be #1 overall with 48.9 per cent share
· Continues to hold more market share than its six closest competitors combined
· Continues to be #1 on Linux with 75.8 per cent share
(*) Source: Market Share: Relational Database Management System Software by Operating System, Worldwide, 2008 - Colleen Graham, Bhavish Sood, Horiuchi Hideaki, Dan Sommer - June 12, 2009

Database High Availability

Your business needs to be online 24x7, 365 days a year. If critical applications, servers, or data becomes unavailable, your entire business might be jeopardized. Lost revenue, dissatisfied customers, penalties, and negative press will have a lasting effect on your organization's reputation. Oracle Database protects your business from all common causes of unplanned downtime and planned downtime, including human error. In addition, Oracle's Maximum Availability Architecture framework provides clear and concise guidance on implementing best practices using Oracle's proven high availability technologies


Oracle Advanced Compression

Oracle Advanced Compression and Oracle Database helps manage more data in a cost-effective manner. With data volumes, on average, tripling every two years, Oracle Advanced Compression delivers compression rates of 2-4x across all types of data and applications. Storage savings from compression will cascade throughout the data center, reducing network traffic and data backups as well. And, by reading fewer blocks off disk, Oracle Advanced Compression also improves query performance.
Go Green with Fewer Disk Drives and Less Energy
In addition to compressing structured data and unstructured data such as documents, images, and multimedia, Oracle Advanced Compression helps Oracle Database utilize storage resources more efficiently, and reduce power requirements. Using Oracle Advanced Compression, Oracle customers can store more data, execute queries faster, and help make the planet a little greener

Oracle Leads in Data Warehouse Software

Leading industry analyst firm, IDC, has named Oracle as the leader in the data warehouse platform market based on 2008 software revenue. IDC defines the market as being composed of data warehouse management and generation software. IDC's report, "Worldwide Data Warehouse Platform Software 2008 Vendor Shares," (IDC #219096, July 2009) notes that Oracle derives the vast majority of its data warehouse platform software from the data warehouse management segment of the market in which it held nearly 40 percent share based on 2008 revenue. In this same segment, Oracle holds more market share than the next two competitors combined. Oracle also offers data warehouse generation software such as Oracle Data Integration Enterprise Edition brand of products, which include former Oracle Warehouse Builder and Synopsis products

Oracle Benchmarks

Oracle delivers world record performance and scalability
For over 30 years Oracle has set the industry standard for performance, scalability and price/performance. Oracle Database continues this trend with world record results across different operating systems running on small single servers through large SMP servers, to scale-out clusters sharing resources in a grid environment.

Oracle Database Sets Another TPC-C Price/Performance World Record

Oracle Database and Dell PowerEdge set another top TPC-C benchmark on Windows
Oracle has set a new world record TPC-C price/performance benchmark for Oracle Database Standard Edition One with Dell PowerEdge Server running on Windows.
"This benchmark result demonstrates that Oracle continues to deliver the best price/performance in the industry, whether customers are running Windows or Linux," ssaid Juan Loaiza, senior vice president, Systems Technology, Oracle. "The combination of Oracle Database Standard Edition One running on a Dell PowerEdge 2900 server is the latest example of how Oracle provides customers with unparalleled value and cost efficiencies."
With this result, Oracle now holds the top four record benchmark positions in the Top Ten TPC-C price/performance category.

Miracle Technologies
Miracle Technologies
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