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Java Training Classes by Miracle Technologies
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JobsJava Training Center Delhi, Noida, NCR India by Miracle Technologies
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Microsoft.Net (Workshop)

What’s New in .NET 4.0 provides a deep dive into the next generation of Microsoft’s most advanced platform for developing applications. Learn to build modern apps using the principle pillars of .Net 4.0: Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), and Windows Workflow (WF). Find out how to incorporate Language Integrated Query (LINQ) into your applications using new features in C# 4.0.

You’ll get answers to these questions:

• How is WPF different from Windows Forms? When should I choose one over the other?

• What are the advantages of WCF over .NET Remoting and .ASMX Web Services?

• What scenarios is Workflow used for and how can I use it in my projects today?

• How can I use LINQ to create in-memory objects based on SQL Server queries?

Come and learn to take advantage of .NET 4.0 in your applications today!


Code Subject Duration Level Content
NW000 Advance .Net WCF,WPF,MV,Design Pattern 42 hours  
NW001 ajax-outline 3 Months  
NW002 biztalk-server-training-course-syllabus    
NW003 dotnet-advanced-window-poweshell 3 Days  
NW004 dot-net-developing-for-sql-server-2005 5 Days  
NW005 dot-net-managing-internet-information-service 5 Days  
NW006 dot-net-mircosoft-windows_security 5 Days  
NW007 dotnet-power-shell 2 Days  
NW008 dot-net-server-advanced-programming-tech 4 Days  
NW009 dot-netserver-trans-sql-programming    
NW010 dot-net-share-point2007-developer 5 Days  
NW011 dot-net-silverlight-fundamentals 3 Days  
NW012 dot-net-sharepoint-2007-for-power-user 3 Days  
NW013 dot-net-3.5 (Advance Tpoics) 8 Days  
NW014 dot-net-share-point-2000-developer    



Miracle Technologies
Miracle Technologies
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