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Java Training Classes by Miracle Technologies
Miracle Technologies


JobsJava Training Center Delhi, Noida, NCR India by Miracle Technologies
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Microsoft.Net (Fresher)

The Miracle  Technology Specialist training enable fresher to become successful  professionals to target specific technologies and to distinguish themselves by demonstrating in-depth knowledge and expertise in their specialized technologies. This power pack package is focusing on consistently capable of implementing, building, troubleshooting, and debugging a particular Microsoft technology using CMM level Project implantation referring SOA architecture which is Great demand in the industry

You Will Learn How To

  • Design and program Web and Windows applications using Microsoft .NET and Visual Studio 2012 ( specially 4.5 )
  • Write object-oriented code using Visual Basic and C#4.0 language syntax
  • Analyse user requirements and design classes, user interfaces and databases
  • Create ASP.NET Web applications with MVC and process Web Forms
  • Control Web site access with Web Forms authentication
  • Build SQL Server databases and access them using ADO.NET and LINQ.

Course Benefits
Microsoft .NET is a suite of tools which enables you to easily develop modern software applications. In this course, you acquire the fundamental knowledge and hands-on experience to write applications using Visual Basic and C#. You learn how to design object-oriented applications with Visual Studio, create ASP.NET Web applications and connect to the database using ADO.NET.

Who Should Attend
Web designers, administrators, power users and others who want an introduction to programming applications using .NET and are new to object-oriented programming. Prior programming experience is helpful but not required.

Hands-on Training
You develop ASP.NET and Windows applications with VB or C# and the .NET Framework. Exercises include:

  • Writing object-oriented applications using Visual Basic or C# language constructs
  • Programming Windows Forms & console applications
  • Planning and designing object-oriented applications, classes and UIs
  • Leveraging Visual Studio tools for rapid application development
  • Creating ASP.NET Web applications and processing Web Forms
  • Managing Web users with ASP.NET Forms authentication
  • Saving data to SQL Server databases using ADO.NET
Code Subject Duration Content Level
NF002 Microsoft .Net Summner Training 45 Days/6 weeks
NF003 MCSD, ASP.Net, ADO, .Net, AJAX, C#, WCF, LINQ, Sharepoint, SQL Server, Crystal Report 4 Months
NF004 Upgrade Dot Net 2.0 to 4.5 2.5 Months
NF005 WCF 1.5 Months
NF006 Sharepoint 2010 1.5 Months
NF007 SQL Server 2010 1.0 Month
NF008 Project 2.0 Months
NF009 6 Months Project based training including (Coding Standard+ Domain Knowledge+ Project Architecture (MCP+ ASP.Net+ADO.Net+AJAX+C#+WCF+ LINQ+Sharepoint+SQL Server+Crystal Report+Testing 5.5 Months



Miracle Technologies
Miracle Technologies
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