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As Demand Keeps On Increasing, Hadoop And NoSQL Skills Pay Off

Executive Summary

The market for Hadoop/NoSQL software and services topped $540 million in 2012 as measured by vendor revenue. Over the next five years, Wikibon forecasts this market to grow to nearly $3.5 billion, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 45%. This forecast does not include related hardware revenue.

This is a faster rate of growth than the Big Data market overall during this period. Demand for new approaches for processing, storing, analyzing and delivering value from Big Data is the main catalyst driving the Hadoop/NoSQL software and services market.

While demand for Hadoop and NoSQL software and related products will grow as the volume of multi-structured data increases dramatically over the coming years, market growth could be tempered by a lack of skilled Big Data practitioners who allow enterprises to derive maximum value from the technology. Any weakness in software-only revenue is likely to be made up by interest in both Hadoop/NoSQL software appliances and cloud-based services, however.

Hadoop/NoSQL Software and Services Market Forecast, 2012-2017

The Hadoop/NoSQL software and services market reached $542 million in 2012 as measured by vendor revenue. This includes revenue by Hadoop and NoSQL pure-play vendors – companies such as Cloudera and MongoDB – as well as Hadoop and NoSQL revenue from larger vendors such as IBM, EMC (now Pivotal) and Amazon Web Services. Wikibon forecasts this market to grow to $3.48 billion in 2017, a 45% CAGR during this five year period.

Of the two market sub-segments, NoSQL is the slightly larger. Revenue for NoSQL software and services made up $286 million in 2012 and is forecast to reach $1.825 billion in 2017. The Hadoop market reached $256 million in vendor revenue in 2012 and is forecast to grow to $1.650 billion in 2017.

Market Share

Indicative of a young market on the verge of significant growth, no fewer than six vendors have 7% market share or more. The three top market leaders as measured by market share are MarkLogic (13%), Cloudera (10%) and IBM (9%).


As with any young and developing market, enterprise CIOs and Big Data practitioners should closely evaluate not just technology requirements but also each Hadoop and NoSQL vendor’s business model, commitment to open standards and long-term viability. Expect significant market disruption over the next one to three years in this space. Hadoop and NoSQL start-up vendors should be as transparent as possible with customers on these points.

Hadoop (Fresher)

Code Subject Duration Content                   Level
HF001 Hadoop Training 48 Hours
HF002 Development for Big Data Solutions 48 Hours
HF003 Administration 48 Hours

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