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Java Training Classes by Miracle Technologies
Miracle Technologies


JobsJava Training Center Delhi, Noida, NCR India by Miracle Technologies

Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems Software engineer makes it possible to run all those high end application s of PC, now on mobile phones. Actually, various training institutes are misusing this word embedded systems, They think that only 8051 or PIC Microcontroller and understanding and uses of some KEIL software is all about embedded systems.

But now a days, the embedded systems definition has been changed, We have more advance processors (ARM7, ARM9) and Real Time Operating Systems ( WinCE 5.0, Symbian) those are used by industrial world. Learning just 8051 and KEIL will not provide you any job opportunity to any MNC.

You may get some small jobs in few companies in INDIA, those are working on temperature controller units and Lift controlling kits, beyond that you may not be able to use your skill set.

Today the IT Telecom companies are focusing technologies like, Bluetooth, WiFi, Symbian, WinCE 5.0 etc. which will take you to that position where any IT company would wish to take you as its employee.

Embedded (Fresher)

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Miracle Technologies provides an extensive training for fresher level. This course creates a strong foundation for an embedded systems developers. • The candidate will be capable to write applications to communicate with a GSM modem through a Bluetooth based environment.
• Candidate will be comfortable in writing Pocket PC applications and other small applications for handheld devices on WinCE 5.0 Operating System.
• Candidates can work with MNCs like Samsung, L.G. Soft,Nokia, Stryker, Mediatek, ST Microelectronics.

Code Subject Duration Content                 Level
EF001 A. Embedded C, C++, DS,  OS
B. Linux Kernel Programming
C. Linux Device Driver
5.5 Months
EF002 C, C++ And Data Structures 2 Months

Embedded (Trainee)

This Course is extensive and contains many advanced concepts.
• This covers a full introduction to C Programming, Data Structures Concepts.
• Real-Time and embedded systems concepts through to the design and implementation of real time embedded or standalone systems based on RTOS.
• The Module includes an introduction to the development of Linux device drivers.
• The concept of Socket Programming and implement it in some Major Projects.
• Predominantly intended to be taught to development teams at customer site.
• All of the important features of the Embedded C as well as a good grounding in the principles and practices of real-time systems development including the POSIX threads (pthreads) specification.
• All the Linux system calls with their practical implementation.
• The course contains essential information for anyone developing embedded systems such as real-time control systems, mobile device, PDAs and similar applications.
• We focus on the needs of day-to-day users of the language with the emphasis bring on practical use and delivery of reliable software.

Code Subject Duration Content               Level
ET001 Embedded C and Socket Programming 45 Days/6 Weeks
ET002 Embedded C and Linux Internals 45 Days/6 Weeks
ET003 Embedded C and MicroController Inter 8051 45 Days/6 Weeks
ET004 Embedded C 1.0 Month
ET005 C And C++ 45 Days  

Embedded (Professional)

This course is extensive and contains many advanced concepts.
• Kernel programming.
• Linux OS Architecture and role of device drivers. Device driver architecture introduction. Bare bone examples of a driver, System Calls related to device drivers.
• Concept of Virtualization and its resolution in a device driver.
• Mapping of Hardware registers into device drivers.
• Walk through of a SOC datasheet, identification and deciphering of the required data for driver.
• Merging two separate drivers. Work Queues delays, asynchronous device drivers, spinlocks.
• Advanced concepts of Android kernel development programming.

Code Subject Duration Content                Level
EP001 Linux Kernel Programming + Linux Device driver 2.5 Months
EP002 Android Kernel Programming 2.5 Months

Embedded (Diploma)

This advanced course of study will offer an academic progression route for graduates in electrical and electronic engineering, control systems, computer science or related disciplines. The focal point of the course will be the fast-growing and challenging area of embedded systems. This is a rapidly expanding area of modern technology, and its impact and potential are increasingly evident in devices used in commerce and industry. There are expanding applications with enhanced features for end users in industry, instrumentation, health care, services, entertainment, science and robotics. The course will offer a range of skills and knowledge of immediate relevance to industry.

We provide training on Advance Embedded Systems and Telecom Software. We got the requirements from different companies like Samsung, Philips, Motorola, Infineon, Skyworks, Qualcomm, Nokia, Freescale, Conexant, Sirf Technologies etc and then we design our courses accordingly.

Although our prime focus of this course is quite aligned with the industrial requirements, We focus on cutting edge technologies like, Pocket PC application development on WinCE 5.0, Symbian Application development for Nokia , N-Series phones, Blackberry application development. Our courses include the technologies like Bluetooth , WiFI, WIMAX, GSM,GPRS,UMTS Linux Device Driver etc.

Miracle Technologies
Miracle Technologies
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