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Java Training Classes by Miracle Technologies
Miracle Technologies


JobsJava Training Center Delhi, Noida, NCR India by Miracle Technologies
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Embedded (Fresher)  
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Miracle Technologies provides an extensive training for fresher level. Here we target specially the wireless applications based on the client server architecture.  As we are moving towards 4G communication world, we are trying to put more and more services on our mobile terminal, offered through the cellular systems. Because of the limited memory and processing capability of the mobile handsets, embedded technologies are coming as right design possibilities for these services.
This course creates a strong foundation for an embedded systems developer. After this course the candidate will be capable to design and implement the Mobile Applications using cutting edge development tools.
The Student will be capable to write applications to communicate with a GSM modem through a Bluetooth based environment. Candidates will be comfortable in writing Pocket PC application and other small applications for handheld devices on  WinCE 5.0 operating systems.
After successful completion of this course, candidates can work with Samsung, L.G.Soft, Nokia, Stryker, Mediatek etc.


Code Subject Duration Content Level
EF001 A. Embedded C, C++, DS,  OS
B. Linux Kernel Programming
C. Linux Device Driver
5.5 Months
EF002 C, C++ And Data Structures 2 Months


Miracle Technologies
Miracle Technologies
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